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Welcome to SteamDeck Linux Wiki![edit | edit source]

About this Wiki[edit | edit source]

This wiki aims to be a useful resource for those that want to explore the desktop side of the Steam Deck. This wiki is developed by members of the Steam Deck and Linux communities, and is not affiliated with Valve, Arch Linux, or KDE in any way.

This wiki is unofficial, links to official documentation and sources on the Important Links page.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

If you are a beginner with Linux and SteamOS, check out our Beginner's Guide.

If you want to learn more about customizing your Steam Deck, check out the Customizations Area.

If you know your way around Linux, and want to contribute to the wiki, check out our Contributor's Guide.

Categories[edit | edit source]

List of Categories
Beginner Modders Customizations Contributors
Programs WIP Advanced
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