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Guide:Contributor's Guide

From SteamDeck Linux Wiki

This article is a Work In Progress! Please check back later.

This article is for new contributor's to learn how to edit the wiki.

Temporary Contributor's Guide[edit | edit source]

This section is temporary!

For the mean time, whilst we are setting up the wiki, and still working out proper etiquette and formatting, here are some things to keep in mind when you contribute:

  • Please join the Matrix or Discord chat
    • Wiki discussions happen in this chat (Recommended chat)
    • Matrix space: here
    • Discord: here (Linked to main Subreddit chat, will be linked to Wiki chat if enough people won't use Matrix)
  • Formatting subject to change
    • As the formatting and etiquette is wolol
      • Linux-centric words should be followed by an explanation in brackets, for the first appearance on page. For example: "one key is the Meta key (Windows key)"
      • Always think: would a beginner understand this? If you could even get a beginner to proof read that would be awesome, but not necessary.
  • Refer to the OS as SteamOS, and the PC as the Steam Deck. Guides for other distros are not a priority for now, and a beginner won't get what Arch / Plasma is.
  • Some formatting tips:
    • Screenshots are awesome
      • Screenshots of the desktop should use Plasma. If you don't use Plasma, ask in the Matrix chat for someone to make you a particular screenshot
      • When SteamOS 3 is released, many screenshots may have to be retaken
    • Add the WIP template to any unfinished Pages / Guides
    • A howto / guide should be under the Guide:<page_name> namespace
    • An informational page should be under the default namespace

If you need any help / have any questions, reach out in the matrix, or contact Moxvallix at or u/Moxvallix on Reddit.

UNFINISHED BELOW![edit | edit source]

Getting Involved with the Community[edit | edit source]

This wiki is a group effort, and being able to communicate and hang out with other Contributor's, and wiki users, is important.

Create Wiki Account.png

Getting an Account[edit | edit source]

At the top right hand corner of the Wiki, there is an Account button (between the settings cog, and the magnifying glass for search). Clicking this opens the account menu, pictured to the right.

The option "Create Account" takes you to an account creation page. Filling out the account creation form will create you a new account, which can be used to edit the Wiki.

Editing an Existing Page[edit | edit source]

Opening the Editor[edit | edit source]

Edit Page buttons

MediaWiki allows for quick and easy editing of pages on the wiki. To edit a page, click the edit button located at the top right of the page, or click the pencil icon to the right of the particular section you would like to edit. Clicking on the pencil icon that has a small eye next to it allows you to use the visual editor.

Using the Visual Editor[edit | edit source]

formatting bar
The Formatting Bar

Most of the editing you will do will be inside the Visual Editor. The Visual Editor is fairly straightforward; there is an area for text editing, and a formatting bar at the top left of the page. This bar contains the following (icons, from left to right):

  1. Undo: Undoes last change
  2. Redo: Redoes last undone change
  3. Text Formatting Dropdown: Sets a text format (eg. Subheader 1)
  4. Font Style Dropdown: Sets a font style (eg. Bold)
  5. Link: Adds a link to the page
  6. Cite: Adds a citation
  7. Lists: Sets the list type (eg. Bullet list)
  8. Insert Dropdown: Insert templates, tables and media
  9. Special Character: Insert special character

Keeping a Consistent Style[edit | edit source]

When editing a page, look to the style of the rest of the page, and try to keep any content you add consistent with this style. See the Etiquette page for more information.

Creating a New Page[edit | edit source]

To create a new page, either create a blank link from an existing page, or search for the new page in the search box and click Create.

If you create a page that you haven't finished, you can add the Template:WIP template to the page. This adds the page to the WIP category, and notifies others that the page is still a work in progress.

Adding Templates[edit | edit source]

Templates are a useful way to quickly add content to your wiki page.

To add a template in the Visual Editor, use Insert > Templates, then search the name of the Template you want to add.

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