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Guide:Setting up KDE Connect

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KDE Connect allows you to integrate your Android phone with your Plasma desktop. You can access the files for both, send and receive notifications, use media/remote control and much more.

Setup Guide

KDEConnect GooglePlay.jpg
Step 1: Installing the app

To get started, install the Android app "KDE Connect" from Google Play or F-Droid.

KDEConnect Devices.jpg
Step 2: Connecting to the SteamDeck

Launch KDE Connect on your phone. Make sure your Phone, and your SteamDeck, are on the same Wifi network.

Once you open the app on your phone, you can choose your SteamDeck from the list.

KDEConnect RequestPairing.jpg
Step 3: Pairing

Tap "Request Pairing".

KDEConnect PairingRequestNotification.jpg
Step 4: Accepting the Pair

Now you should get a notification on your SteamDeck's desktop. Accept the pairing request and you are ready to go!

Using KDE Connect

KDEConnect FileTransfer.jpg
File Transfer:

Once your phone is paired to your SteamDeck, a small phone icon will appear in your System Tray.

When you click the KDE Connect icon in the System Tray, your phone should now show up. You can drag files on to it to send them to your phone.

KDEConnect HamburgerMenu.jpg
Additional Options:

The hamburger menu offers some additional options.

KDEConnect AndroidFunctions.jpg
Android Options:

The Android app has a lot more functions. Enjoy using some of the best integration between phone and desktop!

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