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Guide:Using Arch on Windows

From SteamDeck Linux Wiki

Using Arch on Windows[edit | edit source]

Hi there! This page will introduce you to WSL aka Windows Subsystem for Linux.

What is WSL?[edit | edit source]

WSL what is known as a compatibility layer to make it possible to natively run Linux binary executables on Windows 10, 11, and Windows Server 2019. This will allow users to learn Linux without actually running through the installer and booting from a USB or CD.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Things to make sure of:

  • Make sure your system is completely updated.
  • A stable internet connection
  • Patience

Installation[edit | edit source]

Open command prompt via:

  • Press "Windows Key" + "R" (Run window should open).
  • Type "cmd" in the window that opened.
  • Now press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Enter" and it should open as Administrator, click "Yes".

This is what the command prompt should approximately look like that opened up.

Command Prompt Open.png

Now in the command prompt type: "wsl --install"

Assuming the installation was successful, you should now restart your computer. If the installation failed, a common problem could be Virtualization is not enabled on your motherboard. Search up the manufacturer of your motherboard to find out how to turn it on if it is an option.

Installing Different Distribution[edit | edit source]

Open command prompt as an administrator again, and then type: "wsl --list --online". A list of the available options should now be shown. To install a specific distribution, type "wsl --install -d <distribution name>" ex: "wsl --install -d ubuntu-20.04".

Installing Arch Distribution[edit | edit source]

If you haven't noticed, an Arch distribution is not available by default on the WSL list from command prompt. However, there is a community contributed project headed by yuk7 on GitHub. The easiest way to install this Arch WSL is to download the zip file and then to run the executable contained within. Download from Here

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