Guide:Using SteamOS 3 in a VM

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This article is a Work In Progress! Please check back later.

This guide is for Advanced users!

The content in this article is relevant only to a Linux environment, or support for other OSes hasn't been written.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Setting up your computer for running a Virtual Machine[edit | edit source]

Before installing any VM software, make sure your computer can run a Virtual Machine.
$ LC_ALL=C lscpu | grep Virtualization
If that command does not return any output, then you can't run a Virtual Machine on your computer.

You may need to enable virtualization in your BIOS. [1]

Installing Gnome Boxes[edit | edit source]

Gnome Boxes is an easy to use Virtual Machine manager. Most distributions should have it in their repos, check with your distribution.

Installing Gnome Boxes
Distribution Command
Arch / Manjaro / SteamOS pacman -S gnome-boxes
Debian / Ubuntu / PopOS apt-get install gnome-boxes
Fedora yum install gnome-boxes
Flatpak flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Boxes
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