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From SteamDeck Linux Wiki

This page lists the various tasks needed to be done for the wiki, and the wider Steam Deck Linux community. See as well Meta:Roles for the roles of the various community volunteers.

Claiming a Task[edit source]

Before claiming a task, please make sure you are familiar with Guide:Contributor's Guide.

If you are interested in completing an open task, add your wiki username in "Assigned To", and change the status to "WIP". When you complete your task, please change it's status to "Finished". If you want to do an already assigned task, reach out to the person it is assigned to, and see if you could help.

If it is a week past the due date of the task, the task is considered open, and you can assign yourself to the task. It is still nice to check up on the person previously assigned, however.

Un-claiming a Task[edit source]

If you no longer wish to do a task, for any reason, you can change it's status back to "Open", and set the assigned field back to "Unassigned". If you could also reach out on Matrix or Discord, letting the community know that the task is open again, that would be awesome. If you made any progress, please leave a note in the "Notes" section with a short description (and possibly a link) about your progress, to help the next contributor.

Creating a Task[edit source]

If you have an idea for a task you believe needs doing, you can add it down below. However, it is recommended you reach out in the Matrix / Discord before adding the task.

If none of these tasks are of interest to you, and you don't have any ideas of what you can do, see List of Future Pages. Once you have chosen one from the list there, add it as a task here, and assign yourself.

When creating a task, please set the due date no longer than two months away. The more important the task, the shorter the due date.

List of Tasks
Task Due Date (DD/MM/YY) Importance Difficulty Notes Assigned To Status
Finish adding screenshots to Guide:Beginner's Guide 30/09/21 High Medium See Meta:Screenshots for info on taking good screenshots. Unassigned Open
Create Meta:Roles 20/09/21 High Medium --- User:Moxvallix Finished
Create Meta:Screenshots TBD High Medium Relies on the creation of a contributor's VM image to standardise screenshot creation. User:Moxvallix WIP
Customise Main Page 01/11/21 High High This task requires knowledge of creating templates, and using custom CSS in Media Wiki. Please reach out to User:Moxvallix before assigning yourself. Will be assigned to User:Moxvallix if no-one reaches out before 01/10/21 Open
Create Dotfiles --- Low Low Put in the Beginner's category. Page should explain what dotfiles are and how they are used. Unassigned Open
Finish Guide:Using Meta --- Medium Low See the page for inspiration. Unassigned Open
Create Guide:Using the System Settings --- High Medium Make a guide to using the KDE System Settings. Show the search function, some common settings, and how to navigate the UI. Unassigned Open
Create Guide:Using the File Manager --- High Medium Make a guide to KDE's Dolphin. Show off the more useful features, some keyboard shortcuts, and have a more advanced features section. Unassigned Open
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